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James C. Dragon

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About me

James C. Dragon is a commercial real estate developer and entrepreneur with over 30 years of expertise in his field, including over 15 years as an attorney. Since 2000, he has engaged in commercial real estate development in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts region with his wife, Efthemia "Effie" Poulakos Dragon. Dragon has been the managing partner and owner of Central Plaza Realty and Development Company since 2003. He is enthusiastic about commercial real estate development, particularly in Lowell, the third-largest city in Greater Boston and the fifth-largest in the Bay State.

A Commercial Real Estate Authority in the Area

James C. Dragon has had a number of triumphs as an owner and managing partner. The Dragons purchased the Central Plaza commercial mall in 2000, which was almost half unoccupied and in need of repairs and restoration. This property has a total area of 266,000 square feet, including 94,000 square feet of commercial space. Dragon collaborated with the City of Lowell to undertake the necessary capital enhancements to make the Central Plaza a desirable area to conduct business. The plaza was constructed in 1965 and housed a Stop & Shop grocery store until 1979, when it was sold. Between 1979 and 2000, the plaza was held by two separate corporations until Dragon and his wife took possession. The Dragons envisioned a retail complex that provided products and services to inhabitants of neighboring Lowell. James and Effie Dragon finally constructed a plaza that was not only 100 percent occupied, but also maintained that occupancy during the coronavirus epidemic, with property management assistance from their son William, a qualified commercial real estate agent. This downtown Lowell property was sold for about $11 million at the end of 2021.

Prior to the sale, Central Plaza Realty had the following successes:

Foodland International: In the spring of 2021, a 16,000 square foot Foodland International shop opened in Central Plaza, bringing a supermarket to downtown Lowell that serviced the area's numerous cultural and ethnic populations.

Vinfen: A health and human services organization, Vinfen, established a facility in Central Plaza in 2019. Vinfen offers community-based mental health, intellectual and developmental disability, and behavioral health services.

Discount Valley: In 2015, Discount Valley launched a 15,000-square-foot dollar shop in Central Plaza, bringing a variety of items to local Lowellians in a convenient and affordable manner.